Yoga can improve your physical health and wellbeing, by decreasing blood-sugar through positive oxygenation and circulation. It will lower the rate of your puls, which will mean your heart will become stronger and pump more blood with fewer beats.

Not only will your physical health will improve – but Yoga also provides substantial mental health benefits. One of those including Anexitery/Depression and also helps those who need to control their stress levels better. It can also help with self-control and aceeptenance, memory and concentration and calmness.

Here is why you should choose a Yoga session with Full Fitness:

  • Improves Back Pain and enhances your posture
  • A more balanced metabolism and weight
  • Gives you muscle tone, endurance, and strength
  • Lowers your risk of injury
  • Increased movement in your joints and better flexibility

I’d definitely recommend this gym to others. Great workout sessions to be done with the equipment there and great people to talk to.

Danté J Cuthbert-Coote

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150 likes and everyone will get a Free Day pass!!! Fantastic place to workout. Really friendly staff.

Fantastic place to workout. Really friendly staff.

Charlotte Clowsley

Fantastic place to workout. Really friendly staff.

Chris Plaster


Ivan Makejevs